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The Puppies!!! Hanging out around the house and pictures of each one with a color collar on.

August 17th, 2012

 I think the puppies have tripled in size!! They are so cute and basically eat, sleep and play all day.

This puppy is wearing the camo colored collar

He is a nice big boy.

This puppy is wearing a purple collar with white stripes. He is a light color fur boy and is really sweet.

This guy is wearing the purple collar with no stripes. He is the biggest puppy in the litter and has the reddest fur. He loves to be held and pet. 

Here is Camo again. I think he fell asleep in my hands.

Here is black collar. He is slightly smaller then the biggest puppy (purple collar) so he’s about the second biggest puppy. They are all pretty big. His fur is lighter then purple collar. 

Camo again. Big yawn!

Here is pink collar. He is the smallest of the boys and the sweetest. 

Here is purple collar with stripes again. His fur is so soft.

Here they are in the yard…eating. Pua has started weaning them off her milk and we have been feeding them science diet puppy chow, mothers milk replacement and canned puppy food. They chomp it down like crazy, fall asleep, and then they wake up and wrestle.

Here is blue collar with stripes. He is very sweet, smaller in size. Likes to play with happy a lot.

Here he is again. You can see the opther puppies in the back left side sleeping.

Here is purple stripe again. He’s biggggg.



Here are the puppies, pua and happy eating inside. They are all pooping outside on their own so they will be really well house trained by the time they are ready for new homes at the end of August.

Here is the cat. Not for sale yet. haha.

Here are the puppies and Pua. Kissing Pua and eating.Going to the vet on August 29th and they will be ready to go to good new homes after that.

Call me for more details and to reserve one :)

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